The Legend of Henry Berry Lowrie

by Warren R. Reichel

An original story


(1865 – 1872)

The novel is recommended because it is the only version of the Lowrie story that is written in correct date-sequence, which means the reader understands Cause and Effect.

This story takes readers back to those awful days when Rich White Conservatives ruled as White Supremacists. And, as Pollie Lowrie, Henry Berry’s mother pointed out, “In these here parts – if you ain’t white, you got no rights!”

As one reviewer posted, “Being a Southerner it was so dead on to life in that time period”, which means some of the characters use the N-word.

But the story is told with a humanist view; meaning, that no matter one’s social status, wealth or lack thereof, or the color of their skin – we are all human and share the same feelings of love, hope, loss, and sorrow.

This story will seem like a movie playing in your mind as it flows effortlessly from one event to the next.

And, even if you know the history of the period, you will not be able to guess what happens next!  This is an action-packed fast-moving story that makes the reader want to stay with it to the end.

Don’t be surprised when the story makes you laugh, cry and ultimately cheer for our heroes!

You will not be disappointed, because the ending of THIS outlaw story is like no other before!


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