The Lowrie History: As Acted in Part by Henry Berry Lowrie

by Mary C. Norment (1838 – 1911)

This book is especially significant in that it was written by someone who lived in Robeson County, N.C. during the LOWRIE WAR (1865 – 1872):

     Her name was Mary C. Norment…

          …and Henry Berry Lowrie killed her husband in 1870.

The First Chapter provides a good telling of the history of the Lowrie family and about the Lowrie War.

However, be forewarned – Mrs. Norment’s work is more of a memoir than a history, because it seems like overtime when Mary would recall an event she’d sit down and write another chapter. The problem, for the reader, is that there is no continuity among the chapters because the dates she refers to jump back and forth in a most haphazard way. It also seems she was intent on naming everyone in the county! By the time the reader finishes the book it’s all a jumble of names and dates. And, without the story being in date-sequence, the reader is left confused as to the proper timeline of events – and what may have been the Cause & Effect of those events.

That being said, we recommend everyone read this book, for it was written by a survivor of the Lowrie War.


The copyright expired years ago and you can download the book as a PDF for FREE!

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The Lowrie history : as acted in part by Henry Berry Lowrie, the great North Carolina bandit, with biographical sketch of his associates
by Norment, Mary C; Olds, Fred A