Swamp Outlaws

by George Alfred Townsend (1841-1914)

This novel was published in 1872 by the Civil War journalist,  George Alfred Townsend (1841-1914).

The story is of a New York reporter who learns of the Lowrie War and goes to Robeson County to interview Henry Berry Lowrie and hang out with his gang. 

Although this story begins with a nice narrative and is fairly well edited; we must again forewarn the reader that Mr. Townsend makes the mistake of copying passages from Mary C. Norment’s book and includes the passages in same haphazard date-order as found in Mrs. Norment’s original memoir.

This is unfortunate, because AGAIN – by the time the reader finishes this book; it too is a jumble of names and dates. And, without the story being in date-sequence, the reader is left confused as to the proper timeline of events – and what may have been the Cause & Effect of those events.

(To Die Game, by David Ball – seems to have taken advantage of the expired copyright because these stories are too similar! And yet, Mr. Ball falls into the same sad narrative that Mr. Townsend used — DATES OUT OF SEQUENCE!   *Which is why we won’t critique To Die Game)

GOOD NEWS! This book’s copyright has expired and you can download the PDF version for FREE!

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